PLEASE! Always measure your head when ordering a hat. You'll need to measure with a sewing tape, tailor tape style flexible tape measure. Know your size and when you think you know your size...measure again! Here's some info on what to do and what not to do when ordering from Ugly Outlaw.

• Don't judge the size of your head off of another hat you own, especially a baseball cap.

Some people tell me, "Hey, I've got this old Stetson that has a tag in it that says 7 1/8 and it fits me great, so I guess I'll order a 7 1/8. NO!!! Here's why. Over time a vintage hat can shrink up, change it's sizing due to heat, age, etc. That vintage Stetson may have originally been a 7 1/8 when it was first made but chances are it's shrunk down to a size 7 or more. Never trust the tag.

Also, never go off of a baseball cap size...The sizing on those can be all over the place. Different hat makers can sometimes work off of different size charts as well. Oh, and please don't tell me you are a large or small. Custom hats aren't measured that way. Theres about 3 hat sizes that can fit into the "Large" size category.

 Its best to give me the cm reading as well as the inches. The cm reading is going to be more accurate for me, especially for those of you ordering from Europe. I've found that in France for example their sizes are off by a measurement, just like when buying your shoe size'll want to look at the American chart.

• How to measure

• Sewing tape

• wrap around your head, just above the brow where you want the hat to sit.

• Note the measurement where the two ends meet

• That is all! 

Please don't leave me a bad review based on the fact that YOU didn't measure YOUR head properly. Once you tell me a size, I make the size you said. 

Like I said, Measure for your pleasure! Let's get you a comfortable fit. If you're going to invest money in a custom hat then lets get it right! No returns on custom orders!