Handcrafted Hats.

As the old saying goes, a hat is always the last thing you take off and the first thing that is noticed. Ugly Outlaw hats come to you with a whisper from a time long past. Each unique hat is handmade from start to finish with intricate detailing from a small studio in South Pasadena, CA. “Your hat may be an extension of your spirit. It may be a representation of your style. You might find yourself using it for protection from the many elements, or to wave it for attention from the folks across the way. For some, a handmade hat is to wear for a lifetime and to pass down. For others, there’s one for every mood, however moody you might be. Welcome to the gang.”
Travis Eller  has long-gone mad for Westerns. Once landing in California in 2001, the western landscape and film industry became his obsession. After several years of filmmaking, he had A LOT of old cowboy hats. “I've always admired and been inspired by the distressed and tattered hats worn by the silver screen cowboys and real life pioneers of the past. I’ve studied the hats of well-known outlaws in American History and Cinema and they each give such an individual character and style to the person wearing them. There are as many different styles of hats out there as there are people. This once highly necessary and functional tool turned into one of the most fundamental elements of a person’s identity at some point.” So with a lot of old hats and a lot of interest in style, Ugly Outlaw hats began with the start of vintage restorations. Today Ugly Outlaw hats are uniquely handmade from start to finish in a variety of high-end materials, to your exact size, for a lifetime of use…or longer.

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