Ugly Outlaw and Why?

Quite simply, I love Westerns. My love of the genre brought me to Hollywood from the mountains of North Carolina to pursue an acting career, a hard path to travel, mostly gravel and uphill I suppose. I've managed to land a few acting jobs as well as write a few to satisfy my "need for Westerns" apetitite. 

Ugly Outlaw came about in two ways. The first was on a film set of a low budget Western I was in where I played a low-life Outlaw on the run from the Lawmen and Bounty Hunters out for blood. I remember being on set on my first day and the Director said to go check in with Wardrobe and get dressed. I was shocked to find not one speck of dirt or dust on any of my attire! I'm supposed to be this Outlaw on the run for weeks in the middle of the desert and my wardrobe was as clean as a whistle, not one sweat stain and a hat that looked like it just came off the shelf.

The second time I was filming in Arizona and an actress was giving me a hard time in between takes, playfully making fun of me with witty insults and at one point she turned to me and said, "You're just an Ugly Outlaw what would you know?" That's when that name stuck in my head.

Not long after that I began making hats, distressing them to look movie ready like the ones in all the Spaghetti Westerns I grew up watching.