Ugly Outlaw Press

Nov 9 - Dec 31

True West Magazine

True West Magazine gives a "tip of the hat" to Ugly Outlaw for his replica "Elsa" hat from the show 1883. Click the link to read the article.

Dec 7 - Dec 31

Ugly Outlaw - Podcast Appearance

Listen now to Actor, Writer and founder of Ugly Outlaw Travis Lee Eller talk about hats. Travis appeared on the podcast, "How the West Was Cast" with hosts Matthew Chernov and Andrew Patrick Nelson to talk about Western Films, his favorite hats in Westerns and hat history. Click the link below!

Jun 28 - Feb 7

London Daily News

Travis Lee Eller on his appearance in Elkhorn on INSP

Jun 28 - Dec 31

Filmmaker Life Magazine

Ugly Outlaw Hats owner Travis Lee Eller talks about his filmmaker life.

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