Recently, I've had the unfortunate experience of being victim to image/idea theft. Apparently there are a number of sites out there, and my guess is they were all created by the same low life, that are not only using my images of hats from my website, but my names as well as my descriptions of hats. 

The amount of ad's I see everyday are mostly on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM. I'm sure they're in other places as well. BE CAREFUL! Please keep in mind that Ugly Outlaw Hats are ONLY available on the Ugly Outlaw website. Some of you may not even know that what you're looking at is indeed a hat made by Ugly Outlaw and that's okay, at the end of this article I will mention a few of the scam sites to look out for. First, let's go over a couple things. The hats being offered in these ad's are my photos but are definitely NOT my prices. What you'll see is a hat for fifty to sixty dollars and that should be your first sign of a scam.

Custom hats are expensive. Period. Why? Custom hatmakers use quality materials and furs, they make hats that are meant to last a lifetime. To be a hatmaker you're spending up to $200.00 on just a blank fur, before the shaping and added materials. Plus, you're paying for a piece of art, a hat that is made unlike any other, a particular style that the hatmaker/artist is known for. Hatmakers take their craft very seriously and understanding the work and quality of materials used should be priority for a potential customer/client.

Also, many customers may not understand the various weights of a hat. A luxury Ugly Outlaw Hat is made from quality fur at 165 grams and over which is what the industry refers to as "Western weight", which is a thicker, more durable form.

The image is from a person who ordered from a scam site. They ordered the "Cold Blooded Killer" on the left, once again my original image, and they received the hat on the right. I can tell right away its an incredibly cheap version, looking more like a costume hat. The person who was "ripped off" was saying that he'd, "seen better hats in a costume section at Walmart during Halloween." I hate to say it but in this case, you get what you paid for.

Please, beware the scam sites and ad's, seek out a true custom hatmaker and get a hat that will last a lifetime!

Here are the scam sites:

Rock Hatter


Genius Hatter 

Kansas & Hatters

Kansas City Hatters